Terms of Business

In order to assure quality service and floral availability our decoration policy is as follows: 


  • A full amount is required to hold and book your floral installation date. This should be paid just after the initial consultation or on the requested by Lush Petals Ltd. date.
  • Payment is accepted in any number of installments of your choosing, as long as the balance is paid in full no less than 2 weeks prior to the installation date, unless otherwise agreed. Lush Petals Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any flowers, foliage or decoration materials, if payment is not made by this date. We are not obliged to offer any compensation for any inconvenience caused 
  • If, for any reason, you decide to cancel your scheduled floral decor or installation, a 50% of the amount paid for your installation is non refundable if cancelled 1 calendar month before the installation, 70% of the payment won’t be refunded if cancelled 2 weeks before the installation and 80% won’t be refunded if cancelled 13 or less days before the installation day. If you decide to postpone your installation, we will hold the deposit until the event goes ahead and may be subject to rearrangement fees.


  • Since the perishable nature of the products, Lush Petals Ltd. doesn’t accept any returns and won’t be providing any replacements of the flowers, foliage or other floral decorations unless the concern is raised within 1 hour from delivery/ set up for the events and within 1 day from set up for installations.  


  • Any changes made to an installation/event order must be submitted in writing and only by you or appointed acting party.
  • We order decoration supplies approximately 14 days before the installation date, depending on the type of decoration chosen. You will not be allowed to make any changes after the order has been placed without additional fees. We will however try to make small changes where possible to accommodate your needs.


  • As fresh flowers and foliage are living products, there are occasions when varieties may be unavailable. Whilst every effort is made to source products accordingly, sometimes we are unable to obtain a particular type of flower or foliage.
  • All fresh flowers and foliage are subject to availability and stringent quality checks, as such Lush Petals reserve the right to use a similar flower/foliage in place of the previously chosen flower.
  • 1.  Any queries or complaints in relation to the flower arrangements, installations or venue decorations must be raised within 1 hour of delivery / set up.  If no such query or concern is raised within this time, or the floral arrangements/decorations are used at the time of the event or if the floral arrangements are taken away by the client/guests after the event you waive your right to any refund being given. 
  • ​2. Lush Petals reserves the right to artistic license in the design of your venue decor and floral arrangements. This includes any changes that may be made to previously agreed design due to time restrictions or other physical obstacles at the venue. 


Any fresh flowers or foliage, vases, candle holders and other decorative items that are used within displays will become the property and responsibility of the client after the event/installation, unless leased from Lush Petals Ltd. via separate equipment rental agreement. The removal of the props (vases, candle holders, elements of decor, etc.) or disassembly of the installation is discussed separately and will be charged accordingly.


  • Lush Petals shall not be liable for any non-fulfilment or engagement of the contract caused by other suppliers, artists or proprietors, although every reasonable safeguard will be taken to prevent this and to mitigate the effects thereof.​
  • 1.   Lush Petals shall not be liable for any breach of the contract where such a breach is caused by or substantially contributed to, by any cause beyond the control of Lush Petals, including (without limitation) Acts of God, riot, civil commotions, Government or other enforceable regulations, embargoes, explosions, strikes, labour disputes, fire and exceptionally adverse weather.  Lush Petals shall use its best endeavours to prevent such a breach or mitigate the effects thereof.