Christmas Wreath Workshops

If you are planning an annual Christmas party and would like to entertain your employees, clients or friends with a fun and creative activity, we would highly recommend one of our Christmas wreath workshops.

Our team of skilled florists will guide participants through an intricate process of creating their very own festive wreaths. After the workshop they will be able to use them as a door decoration or a table arrangement. There is a wide array of beautiful baubles, beads and natural materials to chose from and make your wreath really unique.

We have successfully ran Christmas wreath workshops for such corporate clients as Clos19 (30 people) and Zeggo Ltd. (50 people) as well as for several private groups in the comfort of their homes.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Will be happy to provide you with more information and help with planning.

Apart from workshops, we also provide Christmas decoration services for offices, restaurants, boutiques and private residences. We love bringing festive mood to venues all around London and Surrey.